Work Experience

R&D Engieer in Photonics, PsiQuantum, CA, US 2019

Worked on the failure analysis of optoelectronics chips (FIB, TEM, EELS, EDS, OBIRCH, etc.)

Analyzed data to evaluate new photonics structures to meet requirements

Worked on the FMEA process of optoelectronics tapeout from major foundries

Ran a full wafer acceptance analysis for fab-to-fab wafer transfer (ICP-MS, particle count, wafer bow, etc.)

Developed baseline fabrication processes for state-of-the-art optical components

Established relationships with major vendors for packaging and metrology

Sr Staff Engineer, Characterization and Backend Lead, Mojo Vision, CA, US 2017

Managed a team of 3 people (one Engineer and two technicians) for characterization and backened processes

Built a class 1000 cleanroom and characterization lab from scratch

Setup characterization equipment for device measurements

Setup full backend processes for wafer to die and packaging (coring, back grinding, saw and laser dicing, die inspection and quality assurance).

Built relationships and managed over 8 vendors for backend process, die inspection and quality assurance.

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, US 2015

Si-photonics, design of a Mid-IR detector and passive/active optical components through post processing of SOI chips, design of a measurement setup for Mid-IR range

FDTD simulations of optical components for Mid-IR

Two tape-out experiences for IBM 7RF SOI and IME SOI Photonics

COMSOL modeling and in-house fabrication of Mid IR on-chip light source

Lecturer, University of Southern California, California, US 2015

Taught a course related to physical principles, circuit theory to analyze, and design integrated circuits; held lectures; prepared homework, quizzes, exams and managed 38 students.

Researcher at Energy Frontier Research Center, Center of Energy Nanoscience (funded by US DOE), California, US 2013-2014

Investigated the optical and electrical properties of emerging nanostructures for high efficiency solar-cells

Business Analyst, Tech Coast Angel (TCA is an Angel investment group in LA), California, US 2013-2015

TCA has invested nearly $119 million, and helped portfolio companies attract more than $1.4 billion in additional capital. I participated in pre-screening, screening and due diligence sessions; I performed due diligence for companies including HitFix, Publet, etc.